“Learning Together”

Children are never too young to have ideas,

Listening adults nurture their ideas,

Children learn with adults, 

Adults learn with children

At Tanglewood we aim to provide a fun and nurturing learning environment to promote children’s independence, well-being and development, in a supportive and respectful partnership with children, their families and the wider community.    

Tanglewood has a long tradition of child centred education where learning through play forms the basis for our children to become active and independent learner. We aim always to provide a happy, calm and secure environment where children can explore, investigate, reflect and try things out with confidence.

We aim to establish a good working relationship with parents and carers by respecting their knowledge of the child and using this to continue the child’s learning journey. We do this by providing a broad and balanced curriculum which seeks to enable children to develop children to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually and morally. Within all layers of the nursery curriculum comprising of child development, nursery curriculum, following and building on children’s interest and a light touch topic based approach we aim to ensure that every child is supported to optimise their potential and is regarded as being of equal worth with respect of race, gender and ability.

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We need your help!  

The way state nursery schools are funded is being changed. With these changes they may not be able to survive. Please sign and share this petition to save state funded nursery schools like Tanglewood.


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