Forest Garden


We are excited to have had our new forest garden classroom erected over the summer (2016), as you can see it is fantastic and will not only store equipment solely for forest garden use but also act as a classroom in extremely bad weather. 

Each week classes will visit the forest garden individually for one session a week. Children with their class staff will have an opportunity to be active, have the time and space to explore the world around them, learn to take safe risks and to develop new skills as well as enjoy snack as a group in the outdoors. We often enjoy hot chocolate and warm toast or crumpets on cold days thanks to your snack donations.

The children will prepare for their morning or afternoon depending on the weather. They will need to consider things like:

  How should we dress for the conditions?  How are we going to transport everything?                                                                                                          Is there enough snack for everybody?   What equipment should we take?                                                                                                                              Do we need to make a waterproof shelter or a sun shade?                                                                                                           How can we check we have remembered everything? 

Staff will be guided by the children's interests and will involve a mixture of adult led activities and challenges, independent exploration and the establishing of forest garden routines.

We do have waterproof trousers and jackets so all the children will remain warm and dry in the wind and rain but please send your children in warm old clothes, joggers   and sweatshirts are ideal, please make sure it is something that doesn't matter if they get muddy!  An old or washable warm coat is needed and please make sure children are wearing warm socks on their day as wellies are most uncomfortable without! 

Blue room - Tuesdays

   Red room - wednesdays

  Yellow room - Thursdays

     Parents: Please help your child to change into their tanglewood wellies on the          morning that they have forest garden before they come into class. Please leave             their shoes on their wellie pag. Thank you

Please note that over the winter if the weather is very wet we are unable to go into the forest garden as it becomes extremely wet and slippery underfoot making it dangerous for both staff and children. The ground also gets churned up and the grass killed off, spoiling it for the spring summer and autumn months.







         We are sure the children are going to have lots to tell you about                                               their forest adventures! 

 We had fun in the forest garden on 31st October with pumpkins, toasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate, room on a broom story and enjoying the lovely autumn coloured leaves......  We loved it! 


Parents and Carers enjoyed a 2 hour come and play session in the forest garden in July 2017



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