The Childrens Centre

The Children's Centre

 Your local children centres provide a range of activities and services for you and your  family. This is a programme of what your centres currently off for families with a  child aged 0-5 years.    

    To see if you are elegible for two year old funding please click on the following      link:  Two-year-old-funding--Do-you-qualify---April-2016.pdf                       If you think you may be entitled, please ring the childrens centre and make an       appointment. We cannot take any children into Little Tanglewood who are entitled to    funding until you have filled the paperwork in with staff at the children's centre.            Please note funding will not start until the term after their 2nd birthday.         Our local children's centre is at Kings Road. Tel: 01245  283254

  To visit the children's centre page click below: 

                        To see their information leaflet click here:                                      childrens-centre-April---July-2016--TIMETABLE.pdf

 Please visit the children's centre facebook page by clicking  here:

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