Private Fund payments


Private Fund enables us to provide the children with a healthy snack as well as allowing us to further enhance resources.

We value your contribution of 80p per day to the Private Fund.  This can be paid weekly, half termly or termly and is refundable on days your child does not attend. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or BACS.  Details are available from the office upon request.

   Private Fund money is used to buy snack and also ingredients so that the children     can enjoy cooking as a whole class or in small groups as well as ingredients for our       messy play activities such as playdough, slime, cornflour or shaving foam. These        activities are vital for children’s sensory and fine motor skills which all need to        develop before a child learns to write and are used in nursery on a daily basis.                                                                                                   Private fund also helps with payment for a visiting theatre company during the           year, extras for celebrating religious festivals, the children's picnic lunch and   Ice lollies on the summer trip and a visit from the Ice cream man at the end of July.

We think snack is a very important part of the session. It offers children a valuable learning experience as they share, take turns, follow instructions and learn about personal hygiene, eg washing their hands before eating.   The children are offered a  selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and breads on a daily basis.  Milk or water is offered as a drink.  Children are welcome to eat as much as they wish.

  We are able to cover most dietary needs but please give us a copy of any medical                             diet to which your child must adhere.                       

 Children may also bring in a sports bottle of water to drink during the session. We ask that you only send water as not only is this the healthiest option but we do have children with allergies. The children are free to drink from their bottles at any time so this can not be monitored

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