Little Tanglewood Photo Tour


                    Monday 16th November 2015                                                                                            we moved into little tanglewood, our purpose built                                                                                    building for 2-3 year olds. 



Little Tanglewood Tour
  • Tanglewood Nursery School.
  • Front electric security gate.
  • We have a noticeboard outside for all upto date information.
  • The front entrance to Little Tanglewood with ramp.
  • The door to the kitchen and staff room.
  • Changing area
  • Child size Toilets and potty area.
  • Children 's wash hand basins
  • An overview of the classroom, the home corner and construction corner.
  • A look of the classroom areas.
  • Children's coat pegs.
  • Painting area....
  • Printing with corks......
  • Our drying rack in the messy play area...
  • Enjoying a cup of tea!
  • Our Cosy Corner.
  • Playing peek a boo with silky scarves!
  • We enjoy looking at books in our Cosy Corner.
  • My favorite!
  • Construction area.
  • We love playdough! It strengthens our fingers and helps with fine motor skills needed for pencil control. We need this before we draw and write.
  • Having fun in the water.... early science...
  • We enjoy snack together, it's helping with our social skills.
  • The back door for inside outside play come rain or shine!
  • We put our named wellies on to play in the garden. Always bring a waterproof coat!
  • Our garden, the outside classroom.
  • Painting with water and big paint brushes.......
  • The outside classroom.
  • Fun in the bubbly puddles......
  • The barked area of the garden.
  • our mud kitchen
  • hidey holes!
  • Bamboo makes a good hiding place!
  • We go outside whatever the weather......
  • Painting in the garden........


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