Little Tanglewood Parents Comments


When the children leave we ask the parents to complete a form about the facilities and events at Tanglwood, these forms will be given out in class.                     These are some of the comments written by our parents.....

  • "Its Brilliant! - July 2016
  •  "We were very impressed with big tanglewood and loved the idea of my son          starting early. Fab outdoor space." -- July 2016
  • "I can honestly say i think the staff at Tangleood are amazing, i send my            children to your nursery because i think its the best for them."  - - July 2016
  • "Our daughter attended Tanglewood Nursery School and we hoped Little Tanglewood would provide the same level of care as big Tanglewood, it did!   She has been able to develop without persuasion to do or be something different." -December 2016
  • "Tanglewood has always had a good reputation." - December 2016


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