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                                  Little Tanglewood,                                                                       Tanglewood nursery school,                                                                      Melbourne Avenue,                                                                              Chelmsford,                                                                                Essex CM1 2DX                                       

                                    Tel; 01245 352788





The children can attend Little Tanglewood for between 2 and 5 sessions per week, they may do a mixture of morning and afternoon sessions.  

      Sessions are bookable for the term and need to be paid for in advance.             Sessions are £15 per 3 hour session with a Private fund of 80p per session for snack and extra activities such as all our messy play.  

We are also able to accept 2yr old funding but you are unable to transfer funding from one setting to another, other than in extreme circumstances, please ask at the office.        

Sessions are non-refundable which include holidays that you arrange and Illness. 

Morning sessions: 9am – 12pm  or

Afternoon sessions: 12.45pm – 3.45pm      

Both sessions are term time only.


Outside Play

Children in Little Tanglewood can choose to play inside or outside everyday during the session just like Tanglewood children.

 Please send your child into nursery with a warm waterproof coat everyday and a pair of wellies to leave in nursery.

As the weather gets cold please send in hats and mittens on ribbon threaded through their coat.

 In hot weather we ask for no open toed sandals and a sun hat.            

Please name everything! 

Two lovely sayings which we totally agree with were quoted by Dr Mary Walton when     she visited Tanglewood: -  

  •  "There is no inappropriate weather for children to play outside in,                       only inappropriate clothing!"                                                                                                        

  • "The only bug a child can catch from playing outside in any weather is the bug of enthusiasm!"



We do not have a compulsory uniform but you are able to buy Tanglewood Polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, coats, book bags and wooly hats which can now be ordered on line from School Trends. ( please note that the fleeces, coats hats and book bags will not have the logo on unlike the polo shirts and sweatshirts.)

We have messy play available in the nursery and this stops the childrens everyday clothes from getting ruined. The coats are waterproof and have a fleece lining, they are very good for the garden as we go out to play in all weathers!

Samples of sizes and some colours are available to try on in the main office area, the smallest size being 22/24" chest for polo shirts, 22" chest for sweatshirts and age 3/4 for fleece jackets and waterproof jackets.  Please feel free to come in and try them on!  Please click on the link below to order and see prices. Click on the back arrow to return to the website.

     PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU HAVE YOUR ORDER DELIVERED TO                                                                                             nursery there are no p&p costs

We have great fun at Little Tanglewood with lots of different types of messy play so please don't send your child in their best clothes!


We welcome any outgrown clothes aged 1-2, 3-4 or 5- 6 including socks and pants as we seem to get through a lot! Thank you.




In the event of snow we try to remain open, in extreme circumstances we may have to close. If you are unsure of the nursery closure please check our school app, Facebook or the homepage of the Tanglewood website where school closures will be updated daily or look on our Facebook page. Turn on notifications to receive notice of school closures.

Alternatively visit the Essex Couny Council webpage, click on the school winter closures link or search school closures. 

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