Frequently asked questions

  • How old does my child have to be to put their name on the waiting list?        Childrens names can be placed on the waiting list for Tanglewood from their second birthday. (please note you need to add your childs name to the main Tanglewood list at the age of 2 even if they are already on the Little Tanglewood list) Please call in or ring the nursery office on 01245 352788  Please make sure you update any address, email or phone number changes as this is how we will contact you.              
  • My child has just turned 3, can they start Tanglewood?                         Funding does not come in to effect until the term after the child's 3rd birthday meaning your child will not be able to start Tanglewood until the following term if a place is available. If not, they will start the next term in which a place is available.                                                          The majority of our children will start nursery in the September. We sometimes have a few places after Christmas but this depends on movement within the nursery, very rarely do we have children start at the beginning of the Easter term.  Most children attend Tanglewood for the 3 terms before starting school.                                                   
  • How long is a term?                                                                  A school year is divided into 3 terms, 6 half terms. These run from September to Christmas, Christmas to Easter and Easter to July. Each term is split into a half term by a weeks half term holiday.                          
  • If I pay my private fund termly how many terms are in a year?                 There are 3 terms within a year, 6 half terms.  A school year runs from the September to  July. This is split into 3 terms, September to Christmas, Christmas to Easter  and Easter to July.                                         Each term is divided by a week's half term holiday, dates vary depending on where Easter falls.                                                                 Payments can be made to the half term - (6 payments over the year)  or   termly - (3 payments overr the year)  - Private fund can also be paid weekly at the cost of £4 each week. 
  • How can i pay my private fund?                                                      Your £4.00 weekly private fund can be paid by cash, cheque - payable to Tanglewood nursery school or BACS (online bank transfer) Please go to the Tanglewood office for bank details and to find out how much is owing for the term.   With our computer register system it will automatically take payment off for the days your child has not attended nursery, so a unique sum is calculated for your child.  If you pay for a full half term and then your child is absent, the register system will take this into account and credit you for those days in the next half term's calculations.                                                                                         
  • How old will my child be when they start Tanglewood?                        Children can start the term after their 3rd birthday when a place becomes    available, this sometimes means that they will not start until they are nearly  4 but will still do 3 full terms, a school year, before they start school. If  your child is in Little Tanglewood they can remain in there at the age of 3  until a place in Tanglewood becomes available.                                                                                   
  •  Can my child come all day?                                                       We offer morning or afternoon places.  Either 5 mornings a week or 5  afternoons a week, both 3 hour sessions. You are unable to mix these      sessions or change from mornings to afternoons once you have accepted your   place.                                                                               Mornings are from 9am - 12pm and the                                           afternoon session is from 12.45pm - 3.45pm.                                    We are not able to offer a lunchtime facility.                                 
  • Can I swap my morning place to afternoons or vice versa?                   Once you have accepted your place you are unable to swap sessions.           If you would rather, you may decline the place and ask to stay on our waiting list till a place in the session you would like comes available although we have no guarantee of when that will be.  Most of our places are available in September with very few places available throughout the rest of the year.                                                                   
  • Are children sperated by age within different classes?                         All of our children are aged three and four and they are of mixed age groups in each of our 3 classes.                                                                                            
  • Do the children play outside each day?                                                                      We have a large garden at the rear of the building and have an inside outside policy which means that the doors to the garden are open and children can choose to play inside or outside. We go outside in all weathers so always send appropriate clothes including a raincoat and velcro shoes so that the children can be independant when changing into their wellies. Please bring in a named pair of wellies to leave at Tanglewood on their wellie peg outside the classroom door.                        

  •  Will my child get to use the forest garden?                                          We have a forest garden which each class will use for their whole session one day a week whatever the weather! We have full waterproofs for each child but please make sure they have a pair of wellies in school and come dressed in warm, old clothes as they may get muddy, joggers are perfect!  Please note in the winter if it is extremely wet we do not use the forest garden as the ground is not suitable and becomes very muddy and slippery for both staff and children.                                
  • How much is it to send my child to Tanglewood?                               Tanglewood is a Local Education Nursery School and we ask that each term you sign a form allowing us to gain all the government  3yr old funding for your child.  We cannot accept split funding with another setting, however, if you are entitled to 30hr funding you may split your funding with another setting but we will take the full 15hrs as per your offer.                           We ask for a contribution of 80p a day for Private Fund which is payable weekly, half termly or termly, we credit you back any days that your child has been away using  pc programme so please ask for your personal amount. 

  • Will i get Newsletters and event reminders sent home?                       We try to be as environmently friendly as possible and send out most of our letters paperless using Ourschoolapp.  This is an app that you download to your mobile phone or tablet and notifications are sent when a new letter is sent home. Letters always get sent home under the News Icon.  You will see a copy of the letter on our notice board out the front or outside the classroom.  

  • Can my child attend nursery if they are on antibiotics?                               If your child is prescribed antibiotics they may return to nursery 48 hours after the first dose providing you feel they are well enough to come.                                      
  • My child had sickness and diarrhoea yesterday but is ok now, can i bring them to nursery?                                                                                    If your child has been sick or had diarrhoea Essex County Council's policy is that you keep them at home for 48 hours from the last time they vomited or had a motion. This prevents any bug passing through the school as staff need to stay home for this time period too. Please makes sure your child is well enough to be here.                                                                                                 
  • My child has developed chicken pox, can they come to nursery?                      If your child has chicken pox, NHS and Essex County Council guidance say children should stay away from nursery until all the spots have scabbed over which is usually around 5 days. Tanglewood recommend making sure hands and face are clear of spots to stop the risk of a secondary infection which can be extremely nasty and risks hospitalising your child. 

    If you are pregnant and have NOT had chickenpox and your own child catches it, please seek medical advice from your Dr on how to manage the situation.   

  • My child will not be 4 until August, I feel he will be too young to start school. Does he have to leave and go to school in the September?                              If you do not feel that your child is ready to start school having only just turned 4 you are legally able to keep your child in nursery and choose to start them at a later date as long as they are in school by the term after their 5th birthday. You will not loose your school place offer if you do this. Please speak to our deputy and senco Mrs Rose Harmer for more information. We find that those children that stay the extra term make excellent progress in being one of the older ones and are then much more ready to start school after Christmas.      
  • Can i park in the carpark at the nursery?                                         Sorry, parents and carers are unable to use the staff carpark as it is shared with Parkwood Academy and very small.  Access is needed at all times for emergency vehicles to enter both schools.  If you see children in the carpark they are with a designated taxi escort assigned to Rainbow room.               
  • I have noticed some children coming by Taxi with an escort, can i get transport for my child?                                                                                           Children that have been offered a place in Rainbow room, our speech and language unit who live over 2 miles away are entitled to free transport. If you think you are eligible please speak to rainbow room staff.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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