You may add your child's name to our 2yr waiting list for Little Tanglewood from        the age of 1 and from the age of 2 for Tanglewood.  

              Please note that you need to add your child's name to both lists                                at the appropriate age, they do not automatically get put onto the Tanglewood waiting list if they have been on the Little Tanglewood list. 

       To add your child to our waiting lists or if you have any other queries please call the school office on: 01245 352788 

Please make sure you update the office staff of any changes to your address, phone number or email address as this is how you will be contacted once a place becomes available.         

   For more information regarding admissions and our catchment area please refer to    our Admissions Policy under policies.

      Children may start Little Tanglewood from the age of 2 but if you are eligible            for funding that will not start until the term after their second birthday.                                                                                                    Tanglewood children start fully funded the term after their 3rd birthday when            we have a place. After this we will contact you when a place becomes available. 

    Sometimes children will not start until they are nearly 4 but they still do 3 full           terms, a school year, before starting school which is what most children do        within the nursery.   


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