Parents Comments


When the children leave we ask the parents to complete a form about the facilities and events at Tanglwood, these forms will be given out in class.                     These are some of the comments written by our parents.....

  • ​Change nothing, It's brilliant!" - July 2017
  • "I wouldn't change a thing about Tanglewood" - July 2017
  •  "Good nursery - excellent facilities and approach to learning and imbedded speech    and language support." - July 2016
  •  "Tanglewood is a wonderful, happy nursery school and we will be very sad to      leave at the end of term. "   - July 2016                         
  •   "It is a very well run with good communication skills amongst the staff.             Very happy with the school overall."   - July 2016                                                                                                      
  • "Couldn't be happier, lovely nursery and i think the setup really does prepare them for school."  -  July 2016                                                           
  •  " Excellent reputation. Very impressed on open day"  - July 2016                           
  •   " My child loves it, it is a very happy place to learn and develop."  - July 2016
  •  "Very good reputation plus on visiting the school the staff and facilities were      excellent. Avery clean and calm environment."    - July 2016                                        
  •  "My son will miss Tanglewood, his friends and teachers. He has had a fantastic time and his speech and social skills have developed and progressed so much, Thankyou!  Children's garden is a highlight for them, especially the sand and forest garden."   - July 2015              
  • One person says her child "loves it" Lovely relationship with the teachers who she talks about all the time." - July 2015
  • "We wouldn't change it for the world!. -- July 2015 
  •  Brilliant nursery and lovely,caring,supportive staff. A big thank you from us to you all." - July 2015
  • "Would change nothing, it's brilliant! -- July 2015 
  • "My son loves it and has learnt lots from his experience." - July 2015
  • "We feel my son has had a fabulous experience at Tanglewood, Thank you.-  - July 2015                                    
  • "It's a lovely school with caring staff." - - July 2014
  • The facilities are second to none, the staff are amazing, the children are treated individually and are taught important skills to prepare them for going to school." -- July 2014  
  • "A fun, happy- friendly place." - July 2014

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