Late Collection of Children Fee

Late Collection of children 

 £10 will be charged for persistent late collection.

                   Children must be collected on time at the end of their session.            The impact of not being picked up from school on time can be underestimated.  The child that has been left behind will feel an increasing level of anxiety and distress the longer that they are unsure of where their parents are.  Clearly this is not a good thing to happen to any child.

The impact on the school of having a child left behind at the end of the session is also great as it requires two members of staff to supervise that child.  This means that those staff will not be able to have their lunch and/or undertake their duties in preparation for children's learning the following day.

 We do understand that there will be occasionally be be exceptional circumstances when parents are delayed.  You must however contact the school to advise us that you are going to be late and who will be collecting your child.  Please do so as it is comforting for your child to know that you are on your way.  All parents/cares should be onsite and ready to collect your child when the session ends:

 Blue Red and Yellow Room session finish times - am:12noon and pm:3.45pm

    It is for these reasons that the following apply:

  • In accordance with the uncollected children policy, the governing body has the right to impose a charge for the additional childcare given as all additional care results in staffing costs/time.  £10 will be charged for persistent late collection.
  • One verbal reminder about collection will be given, followed by a written reminder; this will then be followed by invoice for payment for late collection.  If fines are not paid the school reserves the right to withdraw your child's place. 
  • In line with the school's safegaurding policy, if a child remains uncollected 30 minutes after their session ends and we have not been able to contact parents/carers, safeguarding process will be started and a referral will be made to social services and to the police.  Further attempts to contact parents to                         advise them of this will be made by school staff.                                                                                                           We are obliged by law to meet the child protection regulations for schools, and our  Late Collection Procedure is important in helping us to meet some of these                                           obligations.                                                                                                                                The uncollected child policy can be found under the About Us Tree and then go to Policies . 


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